PEEK - V-0 Flammability Rating

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Similar to PPS, but with a substantially expanded operating temperature range, PEEK (PolyEtherEther-Ketone) is a high performance advanced polymer with outstanding physical properties. PEEK is inherently flame retardant, with a V-0 flammability rating, will withstand continuous use in superheated water or steam up to 500°F, and resists most acids, solvents and bases.

PEEK is FDA approved as a food contact product, resists damage from radiation and will continue to perform in UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) environments. PEEK is extensively used in the aerospace, automotive, teletronic and chemical process industries, and is considered an advanced biomaterial used in medical implants and other biomedical applications. PEEK will withstand thousands of sterilization cycles without damage or degradation.

Flexo PEEK expandable sleeving is tightly braided from 10 mil filaments of pure, unfilled PEEK polymer. The sleeving expands to fit over connectors and splices, and provides a full coverage over wires hoses and cable bundles in advanced engineering applications.


      Size        Part Number   Expansion Max   Expansion Min   Bulk Spool   Shop Spool   Kgs / 100m 
3.18 mm PKN0.13BK 7.94 mm 1.59 mm 304.8 m 68.58 m 0.24
6.35 mm PKN0.25BK 14.29 mm 2.78 mm 304.8 m 60.96 m 0.28
9.53 mm PKN0.38BK 15.88 mm 3.97 mm 152.4 m 38.1 m 0.46
12.7 mm PKN0.50BK 23.81 mm 4.76 mm 152.4 m 30.48 m 0.65
15.88 mm PKN0.63BK 31.75 mm 6.35 mm 152.4 m 30.48 m 0.76
19.05 mm PKN0.75BK 34.93 mm 9.53 mm 76.2 m 22.86 m 0.95

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