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Flexo® Wrap Flame Retardant - Hook & Loop Closure

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Flame Retardant Flexo Wrap provides the same hook and loop wire management flexibility as our standard Flexo Wrap along with the added safety feature of an organic flame inhibitor to provide an additional level of security.

Flexo Wrap FR is a safe, economical solution for a wide range of cable management applications where moderate levels of flame protection are needed. Flexo Wrap FR is available in Black with a White Tracer to identify it as a flame retardant product. All grades of FW cut cleanly with a hot knife.


        Size         Part Number  



 Bulk Spool   Shop Spool   Kgs / 100m 
12.7 mm FWF0.50TB 0.25 30.48 m 6.1 m 1.93
19.05 mm FWF0.75TB 0.63 30.48 m 4.57 m 2.68
31.75 mm FWF1.25TB 0.63 30.48 m 3.66 m 3.42
50.8 mm FWF2.00TB 0.63 30.48 m 3.05 m 4.76
63.5 mm FXF2.50TB 0.63 30.48 m 3.05 m 5.58

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