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Brass Braid - Perfect for Decorative Applications

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Techflex Brass Braid can be a useful and beautiful part of your next project.

The decorative features of brass are obvious but many people don’t know that brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc.

Our Brass is designed for both looks and functionality and can be adapted to create custom hoses and brake lines. Designers and engineers may also use our brass braid for its natural antimicrobial and germicidal properties. Contact with our Brass Braid can kill harmful microorganisms within minutes.

Brass Braid has been used in steampunk creations of all kinds to bring the hoses of the industrial revolution back to life today.


        Size           Part Number      Expansion Max     Expansion Min  

 Wall Thickness 


  Bulk Spool     Shop Spool     Kgs / 100m  
3.18 mm MBB0.13BRS 6.35 mm 3.18 mm 0.38 mm 76.2 m 7.62 m 1.34
6.35 mm MBB0.25BRS 9.53 mm 6.35 mm 0.69 mm 30.48 m 7.62 m 4.46
9.53 mm MBB0.38BRS 19.05 mm 9.53 mm 0.38 mm 30.48 m 7.62 m 4.46
12.7 mm MBB0.50BRS 25.4 mm 12.7 mm 0.51 mm 30.48 m 7.62 m 6.25

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